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DAJIBAN STYLE: Dodge vans in Japan By Alexi in
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23-09-2016 11:34 pm

D146 Dogtooth prong rhinestone brooch

D146 Dogtooth prong rhinestone brooch


D146 Dogtooth prong rhinestone brooch
JAPAN NORWAY SWEDEN: Tsuyoshi Tezuka and Driftmonkey, Part I By Alexi in 10-10-2015 7:12 pm

This isn’t the most recent of content, but before it disappears into the vaults of backed-up files, I thought it should finally make an appearance on the site.

Early last year, the Norwegian drift team Driftmonkey’s boss Ove Harlem asked me to find him a Japanese guest driver for the Gatebil event in Mantorp, Sweden. I suggested D1GP driver and Kids Heart manager Tsuyoshi Tezuka, since I knew he was keen to do some more drifting overseas. Driftmonkey usually has three cars, two driven by regular drivers Reidar Andresen and Anders Klerud, and a third for guest drivers.

After not too much messing around, Ove had both of us on a plane from Tokyo to Oslo, where picked us up and took us for a nice dinner at the port area of Aker Brygge, before heading to the Driftmonkey garages the next day in Rakkestad.


D146 Dogtooth prong rhinestone brooch
GOING BOSO: Champ Road magazine photoshoot, Part I By Alexi in 24-12-2014 7:58 pm

A couple of weekends ago, a group of bosozoku guys I know had a daytime photoshoot for “Champ Road” a magazine centered around bosozoku culture.

It was a good chance for me to shoot these cars without any interruption, so I headed along too.



TOKYO TOUR: Looking at cool stuff and buying stickers By Alexi in
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18-12-2014 3:23 pm

I’ve done a lot of tours for modified car fans in Japan over the past few years, from guiding an entire tour-bus load around Tokyo, all the way down to one person riding along to a track day. I recently met up with a group of nine Australians who wanted to do a whirlwind tour of some of the more famous and interesting shops in Tokyo, so I thought I’d take a few pics along the way.


The first stop on the tour was one of the basic requirements of a workshop tour, Top Secret’s headquarters in Chiba.


LOWLINER: R34 Skyline lowrider at Fuji Speedway By Alexi in
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11-12-2014 6:22 pm